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I have been juicing for quite a few years now. I have a Breville Juice Fountain Elite, which I bought at Home Outfitters. I paid more money and bought the stainless steel variety as my dad had a plastic one that kept breaking every few months. Even though it takes up quite a bit of space, I keep mine out where I can access it easily. That way I use it more regularly.

I make different juices, depending on the season and what is fresh and available. I have a few juicing cookbooks that have great suggestions for different mixtures. There are recipes for cleansing, vitality, immune-boosting, aphrodisiac and ‘booze juices’ for the most amazing cocktails you will ever taste!

Today I made my favorite: carrot-apple-beet-ginger juice.

Your juices will boost your body’s energy, vitality and natural immunity. Use them as pick-me-ups when you’re low, mixed modestly with alcohol at parties, or made into shakes, smoothies or crushes. You can even use them to cleanse and detox your system, giving your body a spring clean.~Van Straten

Juicing is the  fool-proof way of adding wonderful, life-giving and life-protecting vitamins, minerals and natural food chemicals to your diet…  There is no comparison between fresh and commercial juices; even the ‘freshly squeezed’ ones have been in the bottle for several days, losing vitamins. Processed varieties are reconstituted concentrates that are vitamin-deficient. Fruit “drinks” are often 90 percent water, ten percent juice, sugars, sweeteners and a host of chemicals.~Van Straten

Juicers can be expensive but I feel that mine has been well worth the investment in my health and healing over the years. It has paid for itself in a short time considering how expensive store-bought juices are. The juices take only minutes to make (and cleaning the juicer immediately after takes only a few more minutes). Fresh juices are so flavorful and delicious that it is very difficult to drink any other store-bought juices after switching! Cheers, everyone!


Van Straten, M. (1999). Super Juice: Juicing for Health and Healing. Vancouver, BC: Octopus Publishing.