This is Midwinter, the shortest day and longest night of the year. The restraints of Winter have brought us rest and given us time for reflection and the incubation of ideas and dreams. Here in the stillness of the Solstice we pause and become aware of our visions and the seeds of our future growth waiting for birth. ~Kindred

Today is Winter Solstice, a dual celebration of both darkness and the return (or rebirth) of the sun, which will now start to rise a little earlier each day. Winter Solstice is a time to recognize both balance and change in our lives and these last dark weeks of winter are often a time of reflection and inwardness. For me personally, this is a time of taking stock and letting go of the things that are no longer working in my life; a time of appreciating change and the freshness and new ideas that change often brings; a time of gratitude for my life, Lucy and my loved ones.

Winter Solstice is also a time to ‘come out of hibernation’ and reconnect with friends, loved ones and community. It is a time to laugh and entertain one another with music, songs, dance and poetry. On this Midwinter’s Eve I will be attending a drumming circle where there will be a gathering of music, stories, feasting and sharing warmth.

Wishing you all peace, harmony, health, abundance and prosperity!