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Last weekend a friend and I spent a few fun days making stockings. I really wanted the final project to look nice but did not want to drive the hour to the city just to buy brand new fabric. In the spirit of ‘making do’, I pulled out my little bin of fabric scraps to see if there was anything to work with. Indeed, the scraps were bright and festive and colorful, however, many of them were very small pieces. Undaunted by the challenge, we decided to make ‘patchwork’ stockings!

I started by sketching out some designs freehand on newspaper. Here is Lucy’s design (I helped her with hers)…

Then I cut the fabric into uniform shapes and began sewing. All of the stockings are lined and very sturdy. The entire project did not cost me a cent!

Although I prefer to buy as little as possible this time of year, I can never resist hiding just a few little treats to enjoy inside holiday stockings. They are even more meaningful when you can design and sew the stockings with friends and family as you will always have the memory of those fun afternoons making something beautiful together.