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After a few days in a row of being in large festive groups of people, a few late nights getting to bed and some busy city shopping with all of it’s noise, crazy traffic and long line ups, I am feeling in need of a little quiet time to myself. So, I decided that today I would focus on ‘self-care’.

Today was a delicious day of quiet, of reflection, of pampering and paying attention to myself, of ignoring the demands of the outside world and doing only what I felt like doing. I played and skied with Lucy, made my favorite foods for breakfast and lunch, read a good book, napped, had a facial and then took a long aromatic bath with a glass of wine. This evening, I may light candles and incense and do some gentle yoga or I may choose to finish my book while curled up in bed with more wine and snacks…

During this busy holiday time, we don’t always have the opportunity to pause and focus on our well-being and our personal needs. However, I do find that when I am able to take this time, even if just for a few short hours, it actually helps me to slow down and appreciate the many magical moments spent with loved ones. Self-care is truly a gift that we give ourselves.

Click here to listen to my new favorite song: Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song “I Have a Need for Solitude”. Good Night, Everyone!