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My internet has been incredibly slow over the past three days making it very difficult to post here on the blog. I had already given up for the day and was just heading to bed when the connection suddenly snapped back to ‘normal’ (still not quite high speed but I’ll take it!) so I thought I’d do a quick post promoting the Vinegar Works. They are not exactly ‘local’ (as in ‘Albertan’) but they are just next door in Summerland, B.C. and a welcome addition to your B.C. wine tasting tour. Located on the Bottleneck Drive Wine Trail, Kim and John first make wine from grapes harvested from their 2-acre vineyard. Then they turn the wine into a wide variety of vinegars, including some lovely fruit vinegars. Everything they add to the vinegars has been grown on their farm. Last summer, I bought a high quality Balsamic Vinegar and a fruity Elderberry Vinegar (my personal favorite of the entire vinegar tasting).

If you can’t make it out, you can order their products from their blog. They also have an incredible list of recipes to offer new ideas and delicious ways to use their vinegars. I find this most helpful as I can use many of their recipes for my own home-infused vinegars. If you need any new and inspiring recipes to try out over the holidays, I highly recommend their blog at: www.vinegartart.com 🙂