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This morning I had the privilege of being the first to ski the newly groomed Rundle Mission ski trails (these are the trails that I walk or ski everyday, all year round). An avid skier, I must admit that I am very spoiled living right next to the Rundle Mission, who find funding (and continue to accept donations) to maintain these wonderful trails for general public use.

This morning was one of those memorable mornings: mild temperatures (only -5 degrees C), a gorgeous sunrise over the lake just as we were leaving the cabin…

 …freshly groomed ski trails, lots of glide, the warm sun on my face and lighting up the natural world around me, appreciating my health as I glided up and down the slopes, Lucy carefree and happy, and the general feeling of peace and well-being that comes from doing something that I love (playing outside… and skiing!).

It was not a surprise that the trails were groomed today (the first grooming of the season!). Mike, from Trax Unlimited, had stopped by the cabin last night to introduce himself. He had noticed (by my ski tracks) that I frequently skied and wanted to invite me to join the Pigeon Lake Nordic Ski Club, a “loosely organized group of skiers who live in the Pigeon Lake area”. This group sets and maintains 10 kilometers of trail at Pigeon Lake National Park. There are no fees in becoming a member. Simply email Pat or Shirley to get on their mailing list and be notified of special events.

Pat @ 780-586-3574 or evanoffpat@gmail.com
Shirley @ 780-682-3753 or kruetzfeld@xplornet.com

Visit their website to see their blog, photos, trail and area maps, contact information and other helpful links.

TRAX UNLIMITED. I also noticed that Mike offers his services for Professionally Groomed Cross Country Ski Trails for schools, clubs, or holiday gatherings. You can contact him by phone at 780-586-2077 or via email  mblack.trax@gmail.com

So, my fellow cross country skiers out there, there are two great public places to ski on groomed trails here at Pigeon Lake: Rundle Mission and at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park, both just one hour’s drive from Edmonton. Today is a particularly warm, winter’s day… perfect for dusting off those skis… 🙂