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Our dogs truly are gifted companions and I am so grateful to share my life with such a loving animal. Whenever I need cheering up, Lucy always seems to find a way to make me laugh. Sometimes she acts goofy, hunting and pouncing on a tiny piece of  fuzz on the carpet, always glancing over to make sure I am watching and laughing… (This is a big deal as Lucy rarely plays or performs.) Or she’ll come and sit next to me, smiling into my eyes and letting me hold her paw as we sit enjoying the stillness together… The best times though, the times that get the biggest belly laughs, are when she lets me dress her up. She never resists but always stands patiently while I gently guide her paws through the shirt sleeves, or standing perfectly still while balancing a hat on her head while I try to take a picture of her. The reason this is so funny is that she always looks so unimpressed... and I just find her facial expressions so hilarious that I cannot help but ‘bust a gut’ laughing. Here’s her Casablanca shot taken last spring… “Here’s Lookin’ at you… Kid.”

“Yo yo yo…Wassup?”

Do you remember last summer when Lucy had a hotspot on her leg and I had to make her wear shirts (and a cone at night) to stop her from licking it? Seeing as we are both redheads, she actually looks pretty good in my clothes!

Being silly on her bed in a white pajama shirt…

An impromptu nap while sporting a red flannel shirt…

Ahhh, this little hat brings back memories of when I took some neighborhood kids out for ice cream at the Village. There was a trunk sale on and M found this sweet little hat in a cardboard box marked ‘free’. So he took it and we put it on Lucy, tightening the string so that it stayed on nicely. Later, as we ate our ice cream on a bench on the board walk, Lucy received so many compliments on her ‘look’ and she was very charming and smiled with all of the attention.

So this morning, to cheer myself up, I put another one of my hats on Lucy and sure enough, I just could not stop laughing at her (With her? No, she wasn’t laughing… However she did give me all of her best angles for the photographs…) She is just such a little comedian… You know, one of those comedians who are so funny (and know it) but yet manage to never crack a smile… Yeah… that’s Lucy! 🙂