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A few weeks ago, some dear friends were over visiting and I took some photographs of them outdoors. We had a fun afternoon spending time together, enjoying the good weather, and admiring the beautiful Autumn colors which provided a gorgeous colorful background for the family pictures. I thought I’d share a few favorites of Willow picking out her pumpkin as they remind me of my own childhood and the magic of Autumn.

Spending time with young children is ‘good medicine’, reminding me to be fully present in the moment, opening myself up to the magic and wonder of whatever that moment may bring, be it pumpkins in the garden, or a tiny mouse skipping over my toes, or bright yellow leaves falling down all around me like rain. I think I shall frame this photograph of Willow (below) as a reminder of this and as an invitation for play and laughter, for spirits soaring above trees, and the pure simple pleasure of dancing in the grass in silver shoes…