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We are blind to the beauty of the stars

if not for the black of the night sky.

Darkness moves in harmony with the light
and out of that dance, all life is born.
~Glynnis Osher

We celebrate Winter Solstice here at cabinorganic. During the darkest, shortest day of the year it seems that there is nothing more important to do than celebrate. It’s been over a month of doing morning and evening chores outside in the dark, as well as spending more time indoors—a strange shift in our daily rhythm after spending most of our time outside in the spring, summer and fall.


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On this day we use minimal electric lighting and instead light candles and a fire. We spend the day baking cookies with a winter theme (star and moons, or snowflakes), read books about the Winter Solstice, make music, play outside, then we have a feast.


Buttery ‘Sun Bread’ is often involved.

Afterward dinner, we open a few Solstice presents and spend the rest of the evening visiting, playing more music, and enjoying our time together.


For us, Winter Solstice is about welcoming the return of the sun and longer days. It is also an appreciation and celebration of the dark. We do not fear the dark but welcome its gifts. Winter Solstice marks the turning of the wheel- a new year—a new cycle— beginning again. So we honour this day as our own New Year’s and end the night with bubbly and toasts. We also spend some quiet time during the day and evening, reflecting on the past year and making plans for the coming year.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Holidays, and all of the best in the coming year!