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I mentioned in the previous post that Chayton was smitten with the new baby chicks. It was love at first sight for him and there was no turning back. To wrap up these ‘catch-up’ posts on chickens and the coop, I thought I’d add a few pictures that show just how much this little boy loves—and enjoys spending time with—his chickens.

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Chayton is now four-and-a-half and has had chickens in his life for two-and-a-half years. He seems to have a way with them, perhaps it’s just the fact that he is not afraid of them. He’s been pecked only a few times (when the chicks were still young and curious) and he just laughed. If they get too close to his face he just calmly pushes them away with his arm. We now have Henriette living in the house with us and he is getting hours of time each day playing with her and observing her closely. I am so happy that Chayton shares my love for our girls and for our simple life out here in the country.