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Remember that scarf I knitted for my friend, B a few months ago? I really loved how it turned out and decided to knit something simple for myself out of the same yarn. I decided on a stole- not quite a shawl but more like a very wide scarf that you wear as a wrap over your shoulders.


I used about 3 balls of the yarn (pictured below) which I purchased at Michael’s. I cast on 55 stitches on #9 needles and alternately knit a row then purled a row until the stole was the desired length for my height and body. Then I used a crochet hook to add fringe to both ends. (I found videos on youtube to teach me how to cast off and add the fringe.) This is quite a fuzzy yarn but once I was done knitting, I simply steam ironed it, covering it with a single cotton sheet first to prevent scorching the yarn. Ironing took some of the curl out of the stole and make it thinner and silkier.
Stoles are so easy to wear and take along with you as they are larger than a scarf but smaller than a throw, and they are a practical garment to have around when you just need that extra bit of warmth on the shoulders when reading in bed or working on the computer. I have a nice large metal pin that came with another sweater that I purchased years ago and I like to use it to hold the stole closed.
Or I can wear it without the pin and allow the stole to fall open. This is casual ‘at home’ look. I’ve also been wearing this stole to work with a dark brown skirt and turtleneck, knee high black-brown boots and silver jewelry.
This was a great ‘third’ project (after two smaller scarves). It allowed me to practice simple stitches while working on my tension and getting comfortable with the needles. After casting on, there was no counting involved so I was able to chat or listen to lectures and podcasts while happily knitting away.
I am really enjoying this new hobby! Not only is this project handmade and close to the source (the maker-me!) but I get to wear, or give away, my handiwork and take pride in the compliments I receive when people ask where I bought this. This was a wonderful beginner project and resulted in something that I wear and use daily.
I am now working on a new project- another stole. This time I am using a bit of a pattern and knitting it in black yarn with a bit of sparkle in it. This will be a gift for a lovely friend of mine, which makes the knitting even more enjoyable as I imagine her wearing and enjoying her stole as much as I enjoy mine.