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Lucy has a special friend named Buddha. He’s my wonderful friend, Louise’s dog and he is also a ‘rescue dog’. He’s been to the cabin once and I was happy to see that Lucy got along very well with him! Remember when I first got Lucy and she was still shy and aggressive with other dogs and some people? It’s so wonderful to see how far she has come in her social skills since then!

Since Buddha’s visit, I’ve been teasing Lucy about her ‘boyfriend’: he’s tall, dark and handsome; loves the outdoors; gentle, playful, patient and easygoing… the perfect ‘guy’ for such an energetic four-legged redhead!

Today, we went to Buddha’s place in Leduc. Louise and I had a nice visit and Lucy and Buddha had a play date out back.

It was a very windy day but the dogs didn’t seem to mind! They played, rested, barked at the neighbor’s puppy and enjoyed one another’s company. This is my favorite picture of Buddha. It was a lovely afternoon of spending time connecting with friends!