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Mindsprings ‘magic’ happens when ideas spring from mind to mind in conversation.

Yesterday, it was my privilege and pleasure to spend part of an afternoon with a diverse group of women at the ECOcafe (located at the Village on Pigeon Lake). We had all come in response to an invitation by Marg Sanders of Mindsprings to ‘Remember and Be Remembered at Christmas: Receiving the Gift of Good Conversation’. I had met Marg and her husband, Hugh, last winter at another ECOcafe event and was really looking forward to see her in action.

The event was fun and very meaningful to all who participated. It was refreshing to share my own Christmas story and then hear the personal stories of others. Before we began, Marg gave us time to reflect on a few questions. Then she coached us on active, intentional, nonjudgmental listening– truly a rare quality found in people and a gift that we can give ourselves and others! By the end of the session, each one of us felt enriched by the time we had shared in creative expression and good conversation.

Marg and Hugh of Mindsprings offer conversational coaching, both for individuals as well as for groups. For example, individuals seeking personal growth, or for work groups as team-building or thinking about challenges in new ways, or even at family gatherings to focus on the gifts that each member brings to the group. There are many other applications for coaching conversations and their website is full of information. Both Marg and Hugh are skilled at helping you discover:

  • exactly who you are as an individual or organization – your purpose, talents and objectives
  • clarity about what you want to achieve
  • your power and capacity to move forward
  • a do-able and sustainable action plan

Upcoming Events at Mindsprings:

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“A unique book club experience that invites story telling and personal journalling into the reading of a good book.”

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mindsprings salons

“…good people, good food, and good conversation in a skillfully guided environment at Mindspring’s unique lakeside setting.”
If you would like more information on Mindsprings, or would like to invite a conversation in your area, you can contact marg at: marg@mindsprings.ca or visit their website at www.mindsprings.ca or call 780.586.2551.

We believe that the knowledge you need to achieve your goals is hidden and waiting to be uncovered within you, both as an individual and as an organization.

Even in this short time spent with Marg I have learned (and remembered) so much. During this holiday season, I would like to be remembered as giving the people in my life the gift of good conversation