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On December 16, 2021 we finally (FINALLY!!!) launched our online store. I say “FINALLY” because this was something we had been talking about for three years with very little to show for it. 

I started making “Gifts for the Gardener” three years ago and sold my garden décor, photography, body care, journals, bookmarks, and a small selection of nature-inspired jewelry at markets, art walks, music festivals, and other special events. I also sold some of my products in a few stores, including Magpies Collection, and more recently, Mulhurst Bay Books & Gifts.

The jewelry and silk scarves were the most popular items and soon became all that I sold at markets. I really needed more space… I needed a store

I started researching and learning everything I could about eCommerce and setting up an online store. However, there were a number of obstacles that needed to be addressed before the store could become a reality. First, we desperately needed unlimited high-speed internet. When high-speed first became available in my neighborhood there were just too many trees around the cabin to receive the signal and so we had to make do with lower speed via satellite. On our limited plan, my son, Chayton, (who is home schooled) would often use up the data by midmonth and our internet would slow down to a crawl making it impossible to do any work online.

Last spring, we decided to try to upgrade our internet and was happy to learn that our internet provider now has mini towers that they can install on your roof. Now we are able to receive a signal without having to cut down any of our trees. And with our new unlimited internet plan we can each use the internet throughout the month without running out of data. 

A few more challenges involved needing a new computer (I was sharing mine with Chayton who often used it for school), needing to stock up on supplies and inventory (in case someone actually buys something online), and needing to get back into balance with my health (auto-immune issues).  I am happy to report that I love my new MacBook Pro (Chayton loves having the old Mac to himself), my inventory is growing as I continue making things each day, and yes, I am feeling much better, thank you.

As a mom, there was also the problem of “never enough time.” With cooking, cleaning, gardening, home schooling, and taking care of our animals (chickens, goats, geese, rabbit, dog, budgies, fish), there never seemed to be enough time left over for a business venture. Then Brian got me a new bed and I started sleeping better (and no more sore back). With better sleeps, I was able to reschedule my whole day, now rising at 5am to have three-to-four hours of precious uninterrupted time to work on the business. Brian is a huge help with some of the cooking, cleaning, chores and errands, and when I go to bed at 8pm, he spends the last two hours of his day with Chayton, watching a movie, quietly reading together, and brushing teeth.

And here we are, three years later. The store is launched and open for business! 

I will continue participating in markets, art walks, and other special events, but now I can pick and choose my favorite ones. I will post any Upcoming Events so that you will always know where to find me. I will also do more Open Houses, Tent Sales, and Wine & Cheese events right here at the cabin throughout the year. And while this is not a physical store, anyone can make an appointment to visit my studio here at the cabin to view all of my products and do some shopping in person. 

This has been an exciting milestone for us. With the launch of the store, we look forward to posting more blog posts and youtube videos. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming soon:

  • More DIY, recipes, projects and articles on cabinorganic blog and youtube channel
  • Homeschooling/life learning projects and articles on Red Feather Smooth Stone blog and youtube channel
  • An exciting new writing project on Delena Rose

We are looking forward to seeing where the next chapter takes us. Thank you for being an important part of this journey with us!

click here to visit the store