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Lucy and DelenaI received a few unexpected reader comments regarding Lucy back in late January. First, Vicky commented on how much Lucy reminded her of her own border collie, only that her coloring was different. Around the same time, Whitney in California wrote…

 I was searching the web for currants to plant in our California front yard when I came across your pictures of Lucy. She looks EXACTLY like our dog Austin who we adopted from a local rescue group. Austin – like Lucy – is a gorgeous silky brindle and whenever we take him on walks people ask what breed he is. We just say Big Hairy Dog because we have no idea his lineage. We were told Australian Shepherd and Chow – but we can’t believe there’s any Chow in him. We had him tested and nothing definitive came up. I’m writing to ask if you know Lucy’s makeup. Austin and Lucy look like they could be from the same litter!

We exchanged pictures and yes, Lucy and Austin look like they could be brother and sister! What makes this so surprising is that we both get constant comments on how beautiful our dogs are due to their unusual brindle coat. Whitney, her husband and Austin live in California but one never knows.  I’ve often heard it said that we all have a twin, or ‘doppelganger’ somewhere in the world. It appears that Lucy’s twin has found her! I’ll post the pics below. See if you can tell these two gorgeous dogs apart:


Whitney also has a blog called Burbette’s Feast and I am dying to ask her a few questions, such as:

Is your blog named after Babette’s Feast (my favorite movie of all time)? and

Do you keep bees? I’d love to hear more about it!

And of course, more posts on Austin, please!