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Sending out best wishes and happiest New Year to everyone! May 2014 be your best, brightest and most enjoyable year ever! I have a feeling that with a new baby in our lives that this will be ours! There has certainly been many changes as Chayton has enhanced our lives in many ways. As he grows and gives his mommy just a little more hands-free time I will be able to catch up on these blog posts as there is so much to share! I am looking forward to sharing  our projects and adventures with you all!

Chayton and Delena

Also, I want to thank you for your patience with me these past few months. I have not been able to blog these past two months as I was recovering from a fractured rib after slipping on some ice and falling down my back deck stairs. Yes, I was holding baby and thankfully he didn’t have a scratch on him! Thank goodness we are both doing just fine!