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This is one of those situations where you meant to call your good friend but things kept getting in the way and at the beginning it was easy to put it off for just another day or two. Then weeks and eventually months went by and then it became harder to make that call because a simple apology would no longer do. No, you waited far too long; too much time has passed and now dinner, chocolate, flowers and a full explanation and serenade to reintroduce yourself are now in order. Here is my explanation and my serenade…

Back in May 2012, I took a temporary government contract and began a series of research/writing projects. The job involved commuting daily into the city, an hour and a half each way. I knew this would be arduous, especially when winter arrived, but this job was important to me as I was hoping that it would be a stepping stone into a potential full time career as a consultant (working from home). This position gave me an opportunity to do some writing for government, network with potential clients, make some valuable contacts and continue to sharpen my writing skills. The good news is that I feel that I accomplished all of this in my brief time there. However, the commute ate up all  of my precious free time and my blogging slowed to a crawl and then recently stopped altogether.

The other challenge was that I became pregnant (Surprise!!!) in November and the added physical demands of ‘building a baby’ took the rest of my energy reserves making blogging impossible as eating and sleeping became the priorities.

I worked my last day on July 19th, cutting my contract short to go on maternity leave. I was looking forward to an entire month off to finish getting prepared and also to surprise you all with a ‘cabinorganic is having a baby’  announcement along with a surprise belly shot. The baby wasn’t due until August 24th but he had other plans! Three days into my leave I found myself in the hospital and five days after that Chayton was born.

Introducing Chayton Skye…cabinorganic’s newest member!

Chayton Skye was born July 28th. He weighed 5 pounds and was 17 inches long and is perfectly healthy. He is a calm, content, bright-eyed little guy and we are settling in nicely together.


I will fill you in on more of the details in future posts, but in the meantime I do hope that now that you’ve heard my explanation that you will forgive my long absence! I have been busy but it was all for a good cause: for the long term benefits of working from home, continuing to live my dream life here at cabinorganic and sharing it you. I am now home full time and have some personal writing projects that I will be working on with the hopes that they will bring in some income when my leave is done. This blog is once again a high priority and I will be starting a sister blog (or shall I say- a ‘brother’ blog) very soon called cabinorganic~belly,babechild for posts exclusively on pregnancy, babies and my adventures in conscious parenting as a new mom.

I have so much to share and catch up on with you all! I may have been away but the projects, cooking and adventures in nature have never stopped. Time to get busy!