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dish cloth2

As I was in between knitting projects, I decided to tackle a short but highly practical task: a cotton dish cloth. I had some leftover organic cotton and a particular design in mind. I was delighted when I found the particular pattern on Catie’s wonderful blog: delightfullysimple.blogspot.ca. Catie and I share a love of simple, sustainable living and she has so many creative ideas to share. I am so happy to have found her and to promote her here on cabinorganic!

dish cloth

This was a nice, easy pattern- perfect for beginners like myself. Because it takes no time at all to finish one dish cloth, it is a rewarding project. After just a few relaxing sessions of knitting, you will have this beautiful, practical and absorbent dishcloth ready for use in your kitchen. Also, because this is a small project, it is very easy to take along with you in your carry-all bag. I admit that mine looks a bit rough but I am being patient with myself, after all this was only my first one! I am sure my fifth and sixth ones will look much more professional. In the meantime, looks aside, this dish cloth is by far the best dish cloth in my kitchen as far as performance goes! And I have to admit that there is something so satisfying about being self sufficient and taking pride in a useful project.

dish cloth3

I will now get back to my current knitted project- the black stole… If you would like the pattern for this dish cloth, please visit Catie’s blog and while you’re there, take a look at some of her other clever ideas. All the best!

Click here for the link to Catie’s dish cloth pattern.

dish cloth4