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Winter is nearly here but before I get too excited about skiing and snowshoeing and dark cozy evenings by the fire I wanted to share a few autumn moments here around the cabin.

Just a few weeks ago we were surrounded by gorgeous walls of yellow as the leaves of the aspen poplar trees began to change color. Then a few days of strong winds blew all of the leaves to the ground. Each autumn it shocks me just how intensely bright and beautiful these leaves become.

As the grasses and woods turn brown, Lucy has suddenly become perfectly camouflaged. She is back to her joyous leaping through the tall grass and chasing the spruce grouse.

Below is the view of the lake from the cabin. In spring and summer I can’t actually see the lake because the trees leaf out and block the view. I don’t mind as I love the privacy and I can still smell and hear the water all summer long. I also spot many kinds of water birds as they pass through this time of year. Last week we had a large group of swans at the water’s edge.

October is my favorite month of the year. I love the warm colors, the smell of leaves decaying (nutrition for next year), the sights and sounds of migrating birds by the hundreds… I love warm sweaters, wool socks, crackling fires and long scarves. I also love the early darkness as I can reacquaint myself with the stars and moon.

The outdoor projects are done for the summer, the garden has been harvested and put to bed for the winter. I am spending more time indoors now, reading, writing and getting back to my yoga practice. These changing seasons remind me to be grateful for all that I have and to look forward to more beauty and adventures in the new season to come.