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I just had to share what Lucy just did that gave me my belly laugh of the day. While I was baking in the kitchen (chocolate zucchini muffins), Lucy was busy pushing her toy ball around. It holds her evening portion of kibble and she loves to push it and eat the kibble as it escapes from a small hole in the ball. The ball makes a rumbling noise on the hardwood floor so I can usually hear her working away at it until she is done.

After a while I realized that the cabin had been very quiet and I wondered what Miss Lucy was up to. I glanced over at her cushion in the living room and there she was, lying there like nothing was out of the ordinary… a huge smile on her face… and the bathroom garbage lid stuck to her head! I burst out laughing and ran for the camera. Of course she held the pose until I was finished taking the picture, then she let me carefully remove the lid from her head.

Ahhh… Lucy! Each day I feel so blessed to share my life with such a loving and crazy companion!