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Do you remember that lovely painting done by my friend Omar that I wrote about back in March? I took it to be professionally framed six weeks ago and today I finally picked it up today! I choose a dark rustic frame that would provide a good solid contrast against the busy grain of the cedar walls and love the way it turned out!

I hung it in the perfect place… in the spacious front foyer, where it happens to be the first thing you see when you open the door and enter the cabin. It is also right above the umbrella stand where the blue and orange umbrella lives (when it is not raining) so I am curious to see how many people make the connection between the painting and the umbrella… as well as the personal connection between the painting and their host. I’ll try to take a better picture of the foyer tomorrow in daylight.

Thank you again (and again), Omar, from the bottom of my heart for creating a work of art that will bring joy and a smile each day. I do hope you and Kay will come and visit it! The framing job covered up the edge of the canvas where your signature was placed so I now need it resigned by the artist! Take care!