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Today, I thought I’d take time to appreciate the changing seasons and share some photographs taken around the cabin over the past few days…

As you can see, winter is still hanging on. We received a lot of snow over the weekend and as the temperatures stayed just below freezing, it didn’t just melt away.

Here is a dark-eyed junco (below). Junco’s are part of the sparrow family and they are just returning from spending the winter in a warmer climate.

This is the only time of year that I brush Lucy’s fur as she does not shed very much (until now). Usually all of her time rolling in snow, swimming in deep water and running through tall grass keeps her fur fresh and clean. In April, I put the balls of dog fur in the suet feeders for the birds to gather for their nests.

Exciting! Just yesterday I noticed the first snowdrops pushing up through the ground.

Cross country skis have been put away in exchange for hiking boots and poles. Spring is just around the corner!