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So there I was yesterday, enjoying the reasonably warming temperatures so welcomed in April… In the mood for some spring-cleaning chores, I tidied and swept out the garage, then washed and vacuumed the interior of my truck. I kept eyeing the herb and tea garden in the front as it was entirely free of snow but as I had other projects to attend to, I decided to save it for another day. There was a spring in my step as I daydreamed about this year’s garden and all of the exciting plans we have for it…

Then… this morning, I awoke to THIS:

Actually, it’s all good! In central Alberta, Canada this is quite normal (we’ve even had snow in July in the past!) and I am happy for more moisture. I’ll start some seeds indoors soon and that will give me something to grow while I wait for the weather to catch up.

Happy Easter, everyone! Keep warm!