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Note: I have been having a few issues with my internet connection these past few days. Please bear with me as I share this post from a few days ago!

It’s that in-between season again. That time when there is still lot of snow to ski on as long as you don’t mind walking or ‘portaging’ over patches of grass here and there! The days have been quite warm this week and certain areas of the cross country ski trails are getting narrower and narrower each day!

In the shady areas there is still a good snowpack to ski on!

Lucy is also enjoying the last days of snow to the fullest…

…rolling around in some invisible smell…


…the good life!!!

When I returned home from the morning ski, this little redpoll was sitting in the driveway. I am wondering if it is a Hoary Redpoll (a rare species) or if it is a young Common Redpoll who hasn’t developed it’s chest colors yet…?

April is now here and soon it will be springtime. The days are longer and I am longing to plant seeds and get my hands dirty in the garden. It has been an enjoyable and cozy winter here at cabinorganic and I truly am enjoying these last few days of skiing for this season… However, I am ready for spring!