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I am now home from my family visit in Winnipeg. A dear uncle had passed away and the family on my dad’s side were gathering for his funeral. At my mom’s funeral, just a few months ago, I had really enjoyed connecting with aunties and uncles and cousins on her side of the family after being away for many years. This time around, it was the extended family on my dad’s side of the family that I was visiting and reconnecting with, again, after many years.

As I grow older, family is beginning to feel more precious to me. This week was very enriching and I truly enjoyed the feeling of belonging and interconnectedness with my loved ones. I enjoyed all of the laughter as we each shared funny stories of growing up with one another. I enjoyed spending time with the kids as well as my older relatives. I loved hearing about everyone’s current adventures and future plans. It was truly a wonderful time! 🙂