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Today I dropped in on the Pigeon Lake Sled Dog Classic, an annual event since 2007! I had such a great time mingling with community people, meeting new friends, warming myself by the gigantic fire pit while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, watching the teams prepare for their race and especially seeing the dogs, so full of excitement and vigor, ready to take on the race!

There are a few different races, including a 4-dog open and a 4-dog purebred; a 6-dog open and a 6-dog purebred; skijoring (people on skis being pulled by dogs or horses) and a junior competition. There are $1000 worth of cash prizes ($100 at the junior level) divided amongst the first seven competitors in each race.

There is also a banquet each year for both competitors and spectators, which costs $20. Thanks to the community volunteers and sponsors, this event has been a great success each year.

This Classic Race is promoted as a Fun Race, where new Mushers can mingle, learn and race along side the more seasoned veteran Mushers.

While in attendance at the Race you will see the beautiful traditional Siberian Huskys, Malamutes and the cross bred hounds known as Alaskan Huskys, thoroughbreds of the Sled Dog World

There’s another full day of races tomorrow for anyone interested. The first races starts at 9 am and there is a new race hourly until 1:50 pm.  Prizes will be awarded at 2:20 pm. To view the schedule or more information and links to other dog sledding events, click here to visit the Pigeon Lake Dog Race.