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Last Saturday, I braved the heavy snow and headed out to Lakedell Arena (close to the Village on Pigeon Lake) for their annual Country Christmas Craft Sale & Celebration. I had just run out of my favorite hand and face creams and was desperate to find Lynne of Wizard Lake Soap & Body Products and Dragonfly Lane Teas to stock up. I also wanted to buy a few items as stocking stuffers for my loved one. 🙂

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I love giving gifts that promote health and healing. Lynne makes this easy as everything that she offers is natural, organic (where possible) and highly practical.

You don’t have to study herbal medicine to know which herbs to brew for certain ailments. Lynne has done this for us, using her extensive knowledge of herbs to hand-blend her own delicious teas to treat whatever ails you, whether it’s fatigue, a cold, anxiety, trouble sleeping, or simply wanting to boost your immune system.

Lynne also offers a variety of Chinese green and black teas, chai and rooibos.

I was quite excited to see the three sea salts that Lynne offers: smoked, Pink Himalyan and black lava. These would make great gifts for the ‘foodies’ in your life.

Here are some of Lynne’s body lotions, ‘scubs’ (exfoliants), bubble bath and her highly recommended Sun God’s lotion.

She has a wonderful selection of bath salts…

… natural deodorants…

… face & body mists (also great as a linen spray)…

… and face creams. Along with a few stocking stuffers, I picked up a jar of my favorite Acai Sandalwood face lotion and Healing Hands Gardener cream, and I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of Sun God’s to try out during these cold and dry winter months.

Buying ‘handmade’ and ‘local’ allows me to support and build relationships with the people who make and provide the products that enrich my life. It allows me to invest my money directly into my community, supporting local producers and helping them thrive. Every time I chat with Lynne I am inspired by her deep interest and knowledge of health and herbs, her commitment to making high quality products, and her love of life. She always has time to listen to my own adventures with my herb and tea garden, or plans for chickens, or this blog… and I always walk away with a great new idea that I just can’t wait to try…