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Every year at just this time,

In cold and dark December,

Families gather around the world

All gather to remember.

With presetns and with parties,

With feasting and with fun

Customs and traditions

For people old and young.

~Helen Moore

It’s December and the holiday season is now upon us! To brighten up this darkest month of the year, I decided to make festive paper garlands to hang around the cabin. Instead of visiting the local craft store (always a fun outing), I decided to ‘make do’ by using materials that I already had on hand. After rooting through my paper stash I found this bright red paper with gold flecks embedded in it. I actually bought this about 12 years ago while taking an art class and never used it… until now.

I started by punching out large and small circles with my paper punches. Then I laid out a long length of red sewing thread. I applied glue stick to the back of one circle and stuck two together, making sure to sandwich the thread in between. I glued both the small and large circles on in a random pattern with about an inch and a half of space in between. I kept going until the entire length of thread was full.

Lucy kept me company while I worked…

I am going to make a bunch of these garlands as they are so cheerful and versatile. So far, I’ve hung a few outside…

… draped a few over the hearth…

… and over doorways…

I’m going to get back to work and make a few more of these as I think they will make more of an impact with three or more garlands hung together. I will add photographs of the finished project when I’m done. In the meantime, have fun decorating your own homes for the holidays!