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Living far away from the lights of the big city helps me pay more attention to the phases of the moon, which in turn nurtures my connection to Nature’s rhythms and cycles. Full moons are a good time to finish projects, ‘clean up’ and release anything that is unhelpful in our lives (just as New Moons are a great time to start new projects.)

Tonight I made a fire outside and brought my new drum out. Accompanied by coyotes howling in the distance, I took some time for stillness. Then I expressed gratitude and reflected on things I want to release in my own life. Then it was time for some singing and drumming! The acoustics are amazing as the fire pit is actually on a ‘peninsula’ surrounded by a small canyon (see daytime photo below and notice how the land just drops around the edges of the fire pit). Tonight, the sound of my voice and drum carried over the canyon with a bit of an echo… it was fantastic! Lucy stayed near me, keeping busy exploring the bush nearby.

Planning my life in harmony with the rhythms of Nature nourishes my spirit and allows me opportunities for stillness and reflection. Good night, everyone! And don’t forget to put out some moon water…