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When we give our lives the gift of attention, our consciousness blossoms. Attention is an act of love, and act of connection. Like a child in a good home, our art responds to a nurturing atmosphere. Ideas nudge their way to the fore. It is as if we are being trusted with new insights, trusted because we have shown our capacity for attention. ~Julia Cameron

Today was a day for much-needed rest and respite, for solitude and self-care. Slower walks, looking at my surroundings more closely, appreciating the gentle falling of leaves outside my study window, sitting still out on the deck, reading, light but nourishing meals, hot relaxing bath, calming tea and then finally, some gentle yoga. After being productive and busy for the past few weeks (harvest) it was lovely to take a day for myself and put my attention inward for a while… on my direction in life, my dreams, hopes, wishes and vision. It was a day for ideas emerging, new plans made and profound gratitude.