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The true journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having fresh eyes. ~Proust

On my last two trips into Edmonton and Leduc I have been captivated by the beauty of the fields and especially the colors and textures of the hay. This evening I decided to make a special trip with my camera to capture some of this seasonal beauty. Below is the road ahead (just a few minutes from the cabin). The sun was shining; a hopeful sign as I was hoping for a spectacular sunset.

I love the geometry of this stack of bales… so unexpected on these gentle rolling hills!

I couldn’t resist a shot of this truck in front of a wall of hay…

Mmmmm…. shredded wheat, anyone?

Foxtails on the side of the road…

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Lucy, my sidekick, loves car rides. Here she is patiently waiting.

After an hour of driving and taking pictures the sun ducked behind some thick cloud. No glorious sunset shots today. Perhaps next time…! Until then, I am just drinking in the miracle of this Autumn color… Lovely.