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I have a few of SARK’s books and love to reread them now and then. She gives such great advice for being creative (plant impossible gardens or invite someone dangerous to tea…), or ways to love a child (go to a movie theater in pajamas or bake a cake together and eat it with no hands…), or ways to treasure an old person (hold hands at twilight or take a slow midnight cruise in a convertible…).

Today, just for fun, I decided to come up with cabinorganic’s top 20 ways to invite the child inside each of us to come out to play:

  • go barefoot for an entire day
  • make a date to watch the sunrise and notice every color you see
  • visit the oldest person you know and ask them your burning questions about life
  • trace your body on a huge sheet of craft paper and write a letter to someone you love (or to yourself) inside with with crayon (then mail it)
  • bury a piece of treasure somewhere in your yard, then make a map and give it to a friend for them to find… Have them do the same for you
  • write “You are so special!” in huge chalk letters on a busy sidewalk
  • in the drive-in coffee line up, pay for the person’s coffee behind you
  • make a date to spend a whole day in bed in your pajamas, have your favorite snacks on hand, order pizza, watch movies, read a sinfully good book…
  • invite a child over and bake a single humungous cookie together (with smarties pressed into it)…
  • build something with wood… with your own two hands
  • find a butterfly and follow it around for as long as you can
  • make your dog laugh hysterically
  • send a chatty postcard to a friend’s cat or dog or snake or hamster
  • put a jar of water out all night under a full moon… then enjoy moon juice with breakfast the next morning
  • choose one flower in your entire garden and tell it your life story, then take a turn and listen…
  • find a smooth stone and whisper your secret hopes into it, then carry it with your wherever you go
  • reread the favorite storybooks you loved as a child (make sure you do the voices)
  • play dress up, complete with fake mustache or just wear a silly hat out shopping
  • ask a child to teach you something
  • have a tea party with your pet
Okay, dear readers, it’s your turn. Share one good idea for inviting our inner child out to play in the comments section. Anyone who shares here, or comments on any post from now until September 30, will be entered into a draw at the end of the month to win a jar of homemade jam or jelly of their choice. Limit one comment per post. Good luck!