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A tart and savory gooseberry jam to serve with lamb, roast turkey, pork or wild game pie.

I had more gooseberries to work with today and decided to adapt the previous recipe to make a tart and savory jam for meat dishes. The gooseberries growing near the garden have ripened to a lovely ruby red color. I wonder if they are domestic gooseberries, as the wild bushes on the trail have ripened to a deep purple color?

I mixed the red gooseberries together with the wild gooseberries from the trail and made the jam.

Savory Gooseberry Jam with Bay Leaf

1 cup water

3 cups sugar (I only used 1-1/2 cup of organic sugar for more tartness)

4 cups gooseberries

6 small whole bay leaves, fresh or dried

Heat the water on the stove. Mix the sugar in until it is dissolves and add the bay leaves. Allow the mixture to boil down for about 10 minutes.

Add the berries and allow to boil, stirring frequently, for 20 minutes, or until mixture has thickened. Skim off the foam if needed. Remove the bay leaves and place one bay leaf into the bottom of each sterilized jar. Pour jam into jars to within 1/4 inch from the top of the jar. Mix the jar around with a chopstick or small spoon to release any air trapped under the bay leaf. Seal. Makes 6 half pints.

I also made another batch of raspberry jam, started a jar of raspberry vinegar and froze more raspberries for winter smoothies and sauces.

Raspberry Vinegar

1 cup raspberries

500 mL white wine vinegar

Place raspberries in jar and crush them with a wooden spoon. Pour in the vinegar and seal. Keep on your counter for 1-3 weeks (longer for a stronger vinegar). Strain and pour into a decorative bottle.

Note: I poured a whole new bottle of white wine vinegar into the jar. Then I washed the label off of the bottle (it’s a pretty bottle) and will use it to store the raspberry vinegar when it is done with a new cabinorganic label. Speaking of labels, come back tomorrow and I will show you how I make mine.

Below, raspberries for freezing.

I just had to end with this shot of Lucy, taken today. She has a ‘hot spot’ on her leg which is really itchy. To keep her from licking off the medicine, I have made her wear a shirt for the past three days. Today’s shirt matches the berries. My neighbor L, just dropped off an Elizabethan collar for her and I will use it tonight. Good night, everyone!