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Our front yard was already landscaped when we bought the cabin. There is a pond with a fountain in the front lawn surrounded by a rock garden. This has been planted with irises, peonies and roses. We have a concrete sidewalk starting from the large driveway leading to a patio area, which I am currently setting up and will show you that project when it is complete. We also have a huge wooden deck along the entire front of the cabin, which I keep clear of snow in the winter. Tucked in the front was this little corner checkerboard perennial garden. I decided this would be the perfect spot for a little herb garden. Here is how it looked in the spring:

I began by cleaning up the area.

Then I recruited H to help me remove the concrete pavers. Notice the snowdrops coming up in front.

Next, I relocated two large peonies (to the greenhouse). Then we added manure, compost and fresh topsoil and dug it under. Any time we found a bulb buried beneath the soil, we carefully transplanted it to the front of the garden. Then it was time to add the natural stone for stepping stones.

I wanted a meandering path and we added a stone in the middle of the large curves so that I would be able to walk in here easily without trampling the plants. Funny how it turned out to be a subtle yin yang design.

Next, I planted the herbs, placing taller specimens in the back. And leaving the area where the blubs were transplanted alone. After planting, I covered the exposed soil with a few layers of newspaper that had been torn into strips. Then I covered everything with a few inches of mulch. (Note: there was a large pile of mulch already in the back yard.) This keeps the garden from drying out too quickly in hot, dry weather, and keeps the weeds down to a minimum.

The garden is now planted. All I have to do is enjoy it and wait for my perennial herbs to return each spring! Growing in this little patch are: 3 varieties of lavender, 2 varieties of oregano (I have a spicy oregano growing elsewhere), 3 varieties of sage (including my favorite- pineapple sage), 4 varieties of thyme, curry, marjoram, chives, lemon balm and catnip. The bulbs came up and I found that I had snowdrops, tulips, daffodils, a hosta, a delphinium, a tiger lily, and a few columbine. I also have containers nearby with rosemary and basil.

Here are a few shots of the herb garden taken just today:

Since early June, I have been harvesting herbs for cooking and drying some for teas.  It is so convenient just to run down the front steps, in bare feet and pajamas, to get some herbs for breakfast.

I must go as Lucy is nudging me, reminding me that it is time for our evening walk. Here is a shot of her snoozing on the deck earlier while I worked on this post. Funny, the positions our pets get in when they are sleeping.