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Did anyone else (in central Alberta) enjoy last night’s storm? The thunder started around 10 pm with a low rumbling and was still quite a distance away. By midnight, the storm had completely engulfed us, wrapping the cabin in a continuous clashing of thunder, flashes of lightening and heavy sheets of rain beating down on the tin roof. I tried so hard to stay awake and enjoy it. I have always loved storms, the more dramatic the better. As a child, I used to try and record thunder with my little tape recorder at my bedroom window. I would also try to be outside somewhere (safe) to better hear the thunder and feel the wind and sudden temperature changes. I still do this. The best times are when I am gardening outside and am able to watch (and feel) the storm approach from a distance. I never go in unless it starts pouring or hailing or the lightening is close. Then will I go in, but only to grab a quilt and a steaming mug of tea and then I am back outside, this time on the front deck porch where I can just sit and be with the storm. I am glad that Lucy is comfortable with storms. She joins me outside, sprawls out near my chair and falls into a deep sleep.

I met a woman recently and she became an instant friend. All she had to say to me was, ‘When a storm blows in around here, that’s when you go to the edge of the lake and open up your arms and let the power of the storm sweep over you…” I loved her immediately.

What is it about storms that some people (like myself) love? For me, I think it is the shake up. The sudden chaos of whirling, tearing wind, ear piercing claps of thunder, dangerous legs of lightening seeking a tall place to discharge electrical energy.

The storm came up out of the southwest like a fiend, stalking its prey on legs of lightening.

I like the thrill of not being in control but still feeling relatively safe. Of having a front row seat to a spectacular natural event. And then there is the peace afterward, when everything is drenched and thoroughly cleansed and quiet again.

The storm has passed and it was a good one. The rain and the grey still lingers though. So, I thought that while my bread rises I might brighten up your day with a collection of pictures taken within the last few weeks that have the color of sunshine in them. Enjoy and I will be back later with a slice of home-baked whole wheat bread for you.